Active ARK Servers and Mod Collection

Our Game Masters (server administrators) are:


  • DesertFox (Server Cluster Owner)
  • Tattoo (Game Master)
  • Lenwe (Game Master)


Our current active servers can be reached here: - Exctinction - Scorched Earth - Aberration - Ragnarok


The mod collection you will need to subscribe to in order to ease your initial connection stress can be found by clicking the image below.  It is highly recommended that you pre-subscribe to this collection of mods before attempting to connect to any server in the cluster.  All servers within the cluster use this mod collection to maintain stability with cross-ark transfers.  Alternatively, a link below the image is available as well.


FlamingDodos Mod Collection Banner

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Please be aware that although the mods list looks daunting, the majority of them are, in fact, quite small and will have little impact on your loading speed.  The larger mods are loaded first and get progressively smaller as you join the servers.  The initial 5 mods or so will be relatively slow to load.  After that, the remaining mods will load rapidly.


Many of the mods are "Quality of Life" mods to simply make life easier.  We hope you approve of and enjoy our choices.  If you have any thoughts, recommendations or complaints about what we've chosen to implement, please feel free to bring your thoughts to our attention via the forums. 


Happy Hunting!


-Flaming Dodos Staff