Server Costs

Greetings Fellow Survivors!


This page is here for full disclosure on the costs associated with the operation of FlamingDodos.  We will keep a running total of monthly costs and expenditures as well as a tally of donations (if any) received.  Donations will be listed once per month.  Each server rental we have will be listed separately as line items. 

Operational Expenses and Donations Received

Date Description


Expense Total
9/27/18 Domain Name Registration   -34.32 -34.32
9/28/18 Game Server (alpha) 1st Month Rental   -43.98 -78.30
10/10/18 Monthly Rental Fee (alpha)   -29.99 -108.29
10/13/18 2x VPS DNS Servers (ns1,ns2)   -6.70


10/14/18 1x VPS Control Server (cs1)   -3.35 -118.34
10/23/18 Donation 25.00   -93.34
11/2/18 Monthly Rental Fee (alpha)   -29.99
11/2/18 3x VPS Control Servers (cs1,ns1,ns2)   -10.05 -133.38
11/16/18 Donation 25.00   -108.38


With the servers we currently have online (Game Servers and Control Servers), our monthly expense is $36.69, this doesn't include spin-up fees or domain registrations or anything like that, it's just our basic flat rate monthly services fee.  If we start getting donations that exceed this, we will bring additional game servers online to expand the network AS DONATIONS ALLOW.  As long as we receive donations to cover expenses, we will continue to grow the game server network and perhaps even expand to other games besides ARK.  7 Days to Die?  Rust?  Something else that's popular? 


What we do from this point forward is entirely up to those who enjoy playing on our server network, in other words...  You! 




As you can see, running servers costs money!  While we do this for the fun of it, it definitely helps when others are willing to chip in to keep the lights on.  As our setup becomes more complex and more servers are added to the network, expenses will continue to grow but this is also the only way to truly improve our services offerings.  We don't seek a profit, that's not the goal of FlamingDodos.  We only seek a balance and the ability to continue to expand the cluster network to serve more people and have fun doing it! :) 


So please, chip in if you like what we're doing!  Have a WONDERFUL time out there in the wilds!