Cluster Rules

This is the complete list of published rules for playing on our ARK: Survival Evolved Cluster Servers.  Breaking the rules may carry serious consequences!


Our servers are designed for "cooperative PvP play".  What this means is that PvP, however harsh, should remain friendly and respectful of others.  We do have a few rules of conduct, so please pay attention!


Rule 1) All Tribes may designate a SINGLE base, not to exceed dimensions of 6x6x6 in scale, as "safe".  This safe zone must be marked visibly from ground and air if terrestrial based, and from all directions if under water.  The color designated for this purpose is RED.  Signage must be posted on all sides from all directions and also painted RED.  If terrestrial, the complete ROOF shall be painted RED and the first floor outside walls/foundations also be painted RED.  Fencing may exceed the 6x6x6 structure size limit in a perimeter no greater than 10 foundations from the nearest structural foundation and not to exceed 10 tiles in height.


Rule 2) No tribe shall be FORCED to engage in PvP.  Tribes MAY withdraw from PvP activities by designating their tribe with the tag "[NoPvP]" in their tribe's name.  Any tribe with this tag willfully engaging in PvP activities (raiding, deliberately killing other players or their dinos) will be subject to a full admin wipe, as will any tribe attacking such a designated tribe.  Adding and removing this tag deceptively will result in the offending tribe being admin wiped as well as the potential for any tribe member engaging in PvP activities falsely being permanently banned from all servers.


Rule 2a) ACCIDENTAL PvP shall be forgiven against or by tribes with the [NoPvP] tag as long as the offending tribe replaces lost inventory, equipment and dinos if the attack was not obviously intentional.  Example: Tribe A is tagged with [NoPvP] and one of their members is on a bronto farming berries.  A player from Tribe B is out on a Raptor and happens into the path of the bronto and gets killed.  (Or vice-versa).  The raptor dies, the player dies and the Player from Tribe A offers to replace the raptor and return any lost equipment/inventory.  This is an acceptable resolution to a [NoPvP] "innocent attack" and will not require Admin Intervention.  On the other hand, if the player from Tribe B were to retaliate and kill either the player or dino from Tribe A to "call it even", then the player from Tribe B will suffer administrative resolution in the form of a temporary ban and if additional players from Tribe B were involved in the retaliation, then administrative actions may include up to permanently banning all involved from Tribe B.


Rule 3) We'll post more rules as needed.  Make sure to check this rules page often!


-=[ Flaming Dodos Management ]=-